Tuesday, July 29, 2014


This post is for the Five Sentence Fiction Challenge that you can find on Lilith McFerrin Writes. You can find her site  http://lilliemcferrin.com/. This word for this week was "Fearless".

The initials emblazoned on their jackets looked surreal and it wasn't until the young one was seated in our bedroom, draperies closed, scarfing down my spaghetti as if he hadn't eaten in months, that I began to see the men under the agency insignia.

It started with a note imprisoned under the windshield wiper of the truck left overnight in the driveway, opening to letters cut from newspaper and magazine, pointing out how much THEY knew about our family, how dangerous THEY were, stating that $50,000 seemed a fair price for OUR safety.

A bag would be dropped, agents hiding in cab and bed of the truck made invisible by the dark summer night, protected by snipers concealed on corners and side streets, assuring capture of the perpetrator that had stolen our safety and the peace of mind of this small, rural town.

The bullet proof vest was strapped onto the torso of my ashen-faced husband, adjusted by practiced hands that delivered driving instructions in measured tones that were intended to be reassuring but left us staring at each other across the room in disbelief, trying to telepath our love for each other with our eyes, until it was time for them all to file into the darkened garage.

He had a need to stay focused and calm, my mate, in this moment of insane circumstance, so not wanting my fear to walk out that door with him, to keep him safe and reassured, I did what women around the world have always done when sending their men into an unknown danger, I  adjusted my face and did the only thing I could think to do...I smiled and blew him a kiss.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Stolen Moment

This post is for the "Five Sentence Fiction" exercise from the blog Lilith McFerrin Writes. You can find it here: http://lilliemcferrin.com/five-sentence-fiction-rain/

This word for this week was Rain.

The touch upon her skin was warm and gentle, sending shivers of ecstasy shooting through her very center making her wish that it could last forever.

It had been so long, this drought of sensation, leading her to soak in this stolen moment with near evangelical reverence.

She was so wet, dripping in the hope that there could be more, more depth, more often, just..more.

She lifted her face for the kiss knowing she didn't deserve these snatches of relief and release and then, hesitated, waiting for the abrupt end she knew was due.

With the slam of a screen door, the obscenity-laden directive to "get her sorry ass in the goddamn kitchen and put some supper on the table" led her to open her eyes and come in out of the rain.