Friday, April 21, 2017

Small Comfort for Dark Poetry for the Cruelest Month:Protest and Outrage

This is my piece for Magaly's Dark Poetry for the Cruelest Month: Protest and Outrage

Outrage is hard to hold
in the face of weariness.
When quiet tears replace
pumping fists and shouts of rage,
the comfort of a pillow and a cat
seem so sensible.

Today I have used all my matches.
The bras are all burned,
the signs stacked at the side of the garage.
No scheduled rallies,
no rhymed chants
will fill my time.

I know this is but a rest stop,
a refueling for the continuing fight.
How did we let time fold itself
so quietly back to a past reality?

My big girl panties will be waiting
for when the fire burns in my belly...
in a day, maybe two.

But, for now, I must grieve,
must ponder, must heal.
The warmth of a blanket
and the soft purr of a kitty
will help me on my way.

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