Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Waiting for Permission

My contribution for the Lillie McFerrin Five Sentence Fiction challenge. This weeks word was Waiting.

She stood, illumined by the stark light flooding out of the refrigerator door...waiting.

She stared, without seeing, half empty shelves populated with salvaged margarine containers and burp-able plastic boxes that held the remains of meals remembered, as the cold brightness streamed around her.

Never allowed the luxury of exciting ingredients stirred together to nourish only herself, she existed on a mishmash of dishes left behind, relegated to her by the waste not, want not upbringing of a frugal parent.

Never permitted the simple idea of procuring something to delight, just for herself, she grew fat, bitter, and brittle having lived off the empty calories and agitated molecules of warmed over gotta-go's.

Had permission been given, she could have dined on feasts of freshness, fiestas of spices, but her Soul had forgotten that the only true authority she needed to heed, was standing in the glare of an open door staring at what she believed she deserved.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Word Routes

I missed the deadline for putting this into the Five Sentence Fiction challenge, but I thought I would share it, anyway. The word for this week was Maps.

My words are returning home.
Traveling down dirt roads, growing to farm to market black top, maturing into full blown freeway lanes of story and rolling poetry, they are taking me back.
If, I but stay away from the brake, I may re-discover roads already traveled and happen upon paths unknown before.
Like the forever unfolded map in its resolve to never return to its original form, my words have learned of different ways to seek out new side roads and rest stops.
An unholy vow is broken, my journey resumes.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Kintsugi Saviour

My contribution to the Five Sentence Fiction exercise. This week's word was luminous.

She was Kintsugi, luminous with the cracks and breaks her Soul had acquired these sixty odd years of travel around this particular sun, which made her valuable in ways she could not fathom.

Stunning in her naivete on the day she was taken, she had no understanding of how large the need was for her willingness to shatter and reform, break and mend to those unwilling and fearful to suffer the indignities and reality altering breaches and repairs that made lessons learned and remembered.

Their Deus ex machina was prepared, connector devices ready for those able to pay; they awaited only the prize piece of software.

Unconscious, she was prepped, wired, and encased, swimming in liquid nourishment, ready to be the Heart, the Gut, the Soul of what they were proclaiming was the next generation of social and wellness pain, all gain.

After a flash of weeks, when notices had gone out, orders taken and large sums of money deposited. they rushed to release her into consciousness...and the world they knew was washed away.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer Cherries

The fruit left its juicy stain across her bottom lip. She was lost in the sweet-tart taste. The sharp little pop that the cherry made as her teeth pierced the dark flesh made her moan. Quickly the soft dripping meat was sucked away until only the hard nub of the pit was left to be discarded as she moved on to the next ripe dangle of red.

He watched, unremarked from across the table, wondering how luscious it would feel to be so devoured.