Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Waiting for Permission

My contribution for the Lillie McFerrin Five Sentence Fiction challenge. This weeks word was Waiting.

She stood, illumined by the stark light flooding out of the refrigerator door...waiting.

She stared, without seeing, half empty shelves populated with salvaged margarine containers and burp-able plastic boxes that held the remains of meals remembered, as the cold brightness streamed around her.

Never allowed the luxury of exciting ingredients stirred together to nourish only herself, she existed on a mishmash of dishes left behind, relegated to her by the waste not, want not upbringing of a frugal parent.

Never permitted the simple idea of procuring something to delight, just for herself, she grew fat, bitter, and brittle having lived off the empty calories and agitated molecules of warmed over gotta-go's.

Had permission been given, she could have dined on feasts of freshness, fiestas of spices, but her Soul had forgotten that the only true authority she needed to heed, was standing in the glare of an open door staring at what she believed she deserved.


  1. This is another winner. Dark and sad. You have a real gift for making unhappiness into an ugly, visceral thing the reader can see. And please understand that it's a compliment when I say that. A huge thumbs up for this!

  2. You are so kind and so generous! Thank you, Narrator!

  3. Oh my... I want to meet her, be there for her... I want her to introduce me to the one who has convinced her that she deserves so little. Then I want to beat the living crap out of that person. Waiting...

    1. Oh, my precious Wicked Warrior, your heart is tender and fierce! And, I love it!

  4. Sharon, this portrait of a lonely woman reminded me of the song "Eleanor Rigby." There are so many in the world who have that type of low self-esteem, and as Magaly said, often it's because of some type of abuse or misuse. (Like my dad on me) I know this person. I used to be her. Thanks sooooo much for this! Amy

  5. Thank YOU so much for stopping by and recognizing her! I really appreciate your comments!