Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Her Darkness

Latest contribution to the "Five Sentence Fiction Challenge". This weeks word was Darkness.
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Her Darkness

Her darkness had wings the color of the backside of the rainbow,  but she was made to keep their flight feathers clipped, for soaring on currents of desire was frowned upon.

She had been made afraid of the power that overwhelmed her with the scent of ripe cherries and cinnamon, making of itself an aphrodisiac that ruptured her Soul.

A good girl did not have these thoughts, feelings, nor was she marked by the intoxicating possibility of actions bound by future regret and criticism.

Her other half, un-redeemed and lost in its denial, sneaked peeks every black moon into a shoebox at the back of the closet where her passions and dreams fluttered on the ends of short, golden chains.

Far better, said they, to abide safe and secure in non-censure, flightless and dressed by the Tribe, trained by Peers to attract the Perfect Mate, for was that not her place in the replicate?


  1. "wings the color of the backside of the rainbow" This line is pure poetry, Sharon!

  2. Praise from you means so much! Thank you!

  3. Another twisty and dismal delight! Full of things best left unspoken. Keep this up. Use it. There's more to be mined from the ability to go to these places, and you clearly know the maze well.

    1. I so appreciate your comments. Thanks for having a look see and sending great encouragement!