Sunday, August 10, 2014

Kintsugi Saviour

My contribution to the Five Sentence Fiction exercise. This week's word was luminous.

She was Kintsugi, luminous with the cracks and breaks her Soul had acquired these sixty odd years of travel around this particular sun, which made her valuable in ways she could not fathom.

Stunning in her naivete on the day she was taken, she had no understanding of how large the need was for her willingness to shatter and reform, break and mend to those unwilling and fearful to suffer the indignities and reality altering breaches and repairs that made lessons learned and remembered.

Their Deus ex machina was prepared, connector devices ready for those able to pay; they awaited only the prize piece of software.

Unconscious, she was prepped, wired, and encased, swimming in liquid nourishment, ready to be the Heart, the Gut, the Soul of what they were proclaiming was the next generation of social and wellness pain, all gain.

After a flash of weeks, when notices had gone out, orders taken and large sums of money deposited. they rushed to release her into consciousness...and the world they knew was washed away.


  1. Glory that shines better by showing the mending of it's bright pieces. What a concept, Sharon... It can be applied in such abstract (and helpful) ways. So many things (and people) out there ignore the value of having been broken once.

  2. We are masterpieces and how mo idea of it! Thanks for the comment, Magaly!

  3. Oooh, I really like this. You really shine in this five sentence fiction. It makes me wonder what you'd manage without the limitation on sentences. Hint-hint.

  4. Thank you, Narrator! Thought this would be a good way to scrape the rust off! Had to get an old grammar book out to check my punctuation! Haven't had to do that since college! LOL

  5. Thank you, Ruchira! I am so glad you thought so!