Sunday, November 9, 2014

Lost and Found

For the 5 Sentence Fiction Challenge by Lilli McFerrin. This weeks word is Envy.

Lost and Found

I mixed the bitter root of atonement with the sweet sap tapped from the Tree of Life to send her back to the Lover wronged in the time of papyrus and Pharaoh.

The realities of her existence, draped carelessly across backs of camp chairs and cots, disappeared from the tents staked into the sands of the desert as she took sip after sip from the ancient cup.

Shackled lifetimes beyond enduring to a Karma of finding, losing, she suffered due to a mistake made in a fit of misguided rancor that caused her very being such pain that now no risk was too great.

The bazaar whispered fecund promises and grievous names to the woman who had tied her path this time to excavations of dusty sites, forbidden knowledge, and hope.

She dared the mists, so I watched with a smile as a name, that had been redacted by the stones of time, began to reappear clearly chiseled on the torch lit chamber walls around me.