Saturday, July 11, 2015


You think no one knows you,                              
But, I looked beneath.
Your slick exterior
covers the Soul
of a very tarnished Knight.
You are a bad man
for all the right reasons.
You take the actions
insuring the results
no one wants to admit
we need,
swallowing the sin
to save the rest of us
from the
Heart Burn.
You don't want to care...
but you do.
You won't let us in.
But, I see you.

This was an homage to the 3 novels written by Ben R Marsten. They are witty fun! The covers were illustrated by the multi-talented Rhissanna Collins.
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Thursday, July 9, 2015


She was Dauntless
sailing the seas of life
Heart first.
The integrity of her core
strong from tests
of rough seas
and hidden ice.
Sails filled with the winds
that blew her way,
tacking and jibing
a course to her destination,
she stayed true to her path.
Filling the decks
with her Celtic song,
breathing in the salt scent
of her passage,
she made her way 
to ports known
and not.
The anchor used
but sparingly.
Her Soul knowing
that for her,
                                                                        the journey
was the purpose.

This poem was written to be a companion to the custom jar for a customer. Her word for the year is "Dauntless". I felt from the beginning that it sounded like the name of a fine ship. This is the result.