Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Unequal Privilege~~Dark Poetry for the Cruelest Month 2016

Boris Karloff as "The Mummy" in 1932

He pressed her,
this Pharaoh of a distant past.
Again, she said, "No."

"My Sweet, my Dove,
alone I have been these centuries gone!
Oh, how I have searched!
This world holds no secrets
I have not seen.
Please, let me touch your
silken skin,
take your scent with deepest breath,
see you with eyes grown weary
in looking,
but not finding.
Let me taste you
to the bottom
of my Soul!"
Yet, she demurred.

"I am your Pharaoh,
your God
risen from death
to rule this world
gone mad!
I must have you by my side
and in my arms,
for truly,
as the Priests foretold,
true love will restore
this linen-wrapped shell
to physical glory!
You are mine!"

He began to unwind her,
paying no head to the mouldering
of her wraps,
or the smell of rot.
Her whispered pleas of protest
fell on royal ears that would
not hear.
"Do not deny me,
my little handmaiden,
Our secret love will be revealed
when I place you on the throne
at my side!"
He tore into the decayed strips
of cloth
in mad lust,
for her,
for power,
for life.
As her face revealed,
the turns of time befell her,
only ancient dust filled his hands.
His wails filled the museum rooms.
Knowledge bloomed within his breast.
Rank has its privileges
and, not all secrets should be
kept hidden.

Todays' bit was done with this prompt: Exploring the love lives of our favorite creatures, monsters.
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  1. This short story in poem form is fantastic. Hopefully that pushy pharaoh learned a lesson.

    1. Dang Royals! So full of what THEY want! Thank you, Rommy!

  2. I'm with Rommy, short story indeed. I hope he choked on the dust!

    1. Thank you! Well, I don't think he's going to feel too good after awhile! Lol

  3. This is beautifully enticing..! Well penned :D

  4. So have held such hope for so long only to be denied by time XXX

  5. Love, love the passion in this narrative piece with vivid images. Refreshingly beautiful ❤️

    1. I grew up watching things like this on television on Saturday afternoons. They ran a lot of the old horror and science fiction movies because they were cheap to air. I am a product of my environment! Lol. Thanks for the compliments!

  6. To destroy what he hoped to seduce, unrequited love, lust for the impossible... Just so potent in its telling Sharon x

    1. Thanks, Shelle! You got it! He was so overwhelmed by what he needed he wouldn't listen to what she was trying to tell him.

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    2. Thank you for enjoying my little tale of mummy love!!

  8. Love it Sharon! He was warned...and sometimes love turns to dust, poor mummy.

    1. I guess the problem of getting your man to listen to you is ages old! Lol

  9. Undead love problems. I feel ya. ;-) Well done. This actually made me feel his heartache.

    1. Elena, I am so glad you dropped by! Thanks for the kind words!