Saturday, April 11, 2015

Day 11-Southern Belle-NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015

Southern Belle

I should have been a boy.
When Father died, he took
our family name
with him.
I can out think
most of the men I am around,
but I cannot let them know it.
I so love the horses,
but I am never allowed
to have conversations
about their breeding.
It is just not lady like.
Instead, I must gush
over gowns and hats,
sitting primly drinking tea
while the men are smoking cigars
and drinking mint juleps
in the drawing room.
If I were a man,
I wouldn't be considered
calculating and manipulative,
but shrewd and intelligent.
I would not be on the market,
breathy, eyes batting, waist cinched
auditioning for a future husband
who would get me with child,
them spend all his time
with his mistress
in Atlanta.
I could handle the management
of the cotton, selling it
on the market.
But, I am not a man.
I would have been a good son.
If only...
If only...
But, fiddle dee dee, I can't change that!
Now, where is that girl?
These laces won't tighten themselves,
and I have a barbeque to attend!

The prompt for this  was to create a poem written from the point of view of a fictional character.
Immediately, I thought of Scarlett from "Gone with the Wind".
If you wish to join the fun, follow this link:
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  1. Scarlet was to be reconded with, boy or girl! I'm sure Rhett would agree!

    1. And, certainly as a girl, it had to be easier to carry her up that beautiful staircase. Ahhh, Rhett...

  2. Scarlet is memorable indeed! Boy or Girl, a force to be recconded with...Rhett would agree!

  3. I love that although she doesn't feel that she was dealt the best hand, she is definitely willing (and ready) to do the best with what she has.

    Love the voice!

    1. She just thinks about it tomorrow! LOL. Thanks!

  4. I like the change of tone at the end. Scarlet did have her regrets, but she plowed through them anyway, for good or ill.

  5. I like the change of tone at the end. Scarlet did have her regrets, but she plowed through them anyway, for good or ill.

    1. Yes, she was head strong and determined. That is why I wondered if she ever thought how different how life would have been if she had been male. Thanks for stopping by, Rommy!

  6. Really enjoyed this Sharon. I often think how differently characters in classics like this would be portrayed in the modern day :D XXX

    1. Thank you, Gina. Yes, it would be a totally different take on it, wouldn't it?

  7. Somehow I missed this one. I like it. Girl power!