Thursday, April 30, 2015

Day 30-A Means to an End Reversed-NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015

A Means to an End Reversed

Little words with wings
used to fly from my pen,
perching, oh so nicely, upon the paper.
Their congregation spelling out poems
of nature, of magic.
I nurtured them.
They grew into bigger words
that spoke of love,
of time well spent,
joy in the process.
I fed them pages of synonyms,
watered with rhyme and meter.
I sent them into the world
where some were cherished,
while others returned beaks
filled with worms of pink.
They were my chicks, my hatchlings.
I loved them all,
until a single-minded tom appeared,
purring with affection,
kitty-kissing his way
into my heart, my life.
His love grew more insistent,
his needs into demands.
The feeding of the chick-lets
fell to hastily stolen time.
His purpose soon consumed me,
his notions were set in stone.
My words began to falter,
to starve from my neglect.
I hid them from his jealousy,
fearing his disdain.
It became more difficult to see them,
their wings no longer flew.
In despair and desperation,
I put away the pen,
used the paper for list making.
I locked my words into a cage,
vowed away the key.
Sometimes, in the dark of dreams,
I heard their weakened chirps.
But, I told my gods I would not look
if I were granted peace.
Illusion lived for many years
masking broken heartedness.
With age, came the wisdom
that I had practiced folly.
I tried to undo my foolish oath.
I chanted and I magicked.
I hung with wordy folks,
afraid that they would see
 that it was truly I
that had caged my lovely flock.
I sharpened many quills,
lay out reams of paper,
blew dust from Webster and Thesaurus.
Still no winged words appeared.
By happenstance, I met a friend,
a wild-haired Shaman woman.
She healed with words,
she pushed with wit.
Her stories fed my Soul.
She issued me a challenge
to write for 30 days,
no shame, no guilt, no pressure,
just my words, my light, my pain.
How frightening, how enlightening?
I was offered freedom with her grin.
I found the key to unlock the words,
their cage is thrown away.
I have let them wing around,
silly, sad, prosed, and rhymed,
fed with support and words of encouragement.
I see them perch upon the page once more,
my heart begs me to promise
to keep them strong, to feed them right,
to let them soar once more
for all the world to see...
or not.
It doesn't matter
as long as they are written.

This last piece written on the last day is dedicated to Magaly, to my wonderful Word Sisters that have shared their pieces with me and the world, and to the readers who came by and took a look.
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  1. Nodding knowingly turned into whimpers then trickle warm tears! Beautiful heart renching and warming at the same time! Now you said you will write more! Your pen will be waiting!
    I need a brownie! Just wonderful indeed! xoDebi Bravo xo

    1. Thanks for your encouragement and support, Debi! It means the world! Hope you can find a good brownie!

  2. Oh gosh I nearly cried at the middle bit...the thought of those babies cheeping mournfully...but you have fed and watered them and now they are strong again...just like you :D XXX

    1. I believe they are, Gina. I may make promises, but never again shall I make such an unholy vow. Thank you for the kindness of your words and the delight of your presence on my page!

  3. I can't say this enough, and I apologize if it sounds like I'm repeating myself, but you have a really wonderful eye for words. Get a novel out! Get a book of poems out! Do it! =)

    1. I can't thank you enough for your support, Ben! You are a jewel! I will take your advice. Stay tuned!

  4. Awesome, Sharon! A journey in a poem, and what a journey too. How fun has this month been? I'm glad you sharpened your quills and laid out reams of paper. ;-) Welcome back to the catharsis that is free expression in verse. :-)

    1. Soooooo glad to be back! Thanks for being such great support! I am so happy you came into my life!

  5. I just wiped my eyes after reading Gina's poem... Had I known, I would have just gotten here and continue the tearing (the wonderful soul-cleansing and soul-strengthening) tearing.

    My Piano Man just asked, "Would you say that this project has been very therapeutic, and perhaps unforgettable for you all?" Of course I said yes.

    We've found something wonderful in words and in each other. And we should never let any of it go... ♥

    1. Never will I let any of it go! I will be grateful forever! Biggest love of all to you, wild haired Shaman Woman!

  6. Oh WOW!!!! This is so touching!!! Sharon, you truly have a gift with words! Big Hugs ;o)

  7. Thank you, Stacy! I am so glad you kept stopping by to help me get to the end! Big hugs!

  8. I am so glad you were able to set your words free in the end :)

    1. Thank you, Rommy! Me, too! And, you all helped. I can never thank this group enough!