Monday, April 27, 2015

Day 27-The Real You-NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero

The Real You

Who are you
in your inner beauty?
In your mind's mirror,
who looks back at you?
Do you wear thigh high boots
and brandish your sword,
the plume of you hat
tickled by a salty breeze?
Are those wings that sprout
iridescent from your back,
light of the moon all shimmery?
Do you prance in the forest,
horn a-shining,
looking for virginal friends?
Or, do your horns sit atop
a curly mop of hair,
hooves dancing to the lilt of a flute?
Something dark, you prefer,
wonderous pallor and unholy thirst?
Hat pointed high, as your broom
you ride through the night,
speaking spells, healing earth?
It's a day for you.
Come and play.
Let your real self out.
Signed to law,
the day is yours.
National Be Who You Truly Are!

Pirate Hat:
Pan Horns:
Vampire wear:
Witchy Wear:
Fairy Wings:

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  1. Now, I want a unicorn horn. I wouldn't wear it, but I'd carry it around. Then people would ask, "What's that?" And I'd say, "That's my unicorn horn," and that, right there, would be enough to have me rolling on the ground laughing because "Unicorn Horn" is a damn fun thing to say.

    Unicorn Horn!

    Also, fun write, Sharon.

    Also, Unicorn Horn! Hahahahahahahahahaha

    1. You are a hoot! Unicorn horn! Unicorn horn! Hahaha

  2. OMG!!! I was making a sensible useful hat for a May mad hatters now needs horns!!! :D XXX

    1. Who wouldn't love a horny hat, Gina! Go for it!

    2. If you're going to make a horny hat, make sure one of those horns is a unicorn horn.


  3. I love the idea of a "mind's mirror".

    And would someone please send that hat my way! Yes, we should all be able to choose a favorite hat and be us on that day (and always).

    1. We should be able to wear any hat we choose and to change them often! Thanks!

  4. Oh! This is lovely fun! My magic mirror of the mind would be thrilled for the chance to play dress up!

    1. Dress up is the best! It would be so much fun! I have to content myself with the occasional Ren Faire or Pagan Pride Day!

  5. Now that's a Day! I'm for! Except, when I'm having fun, I don't know when to STOP!

    1. Well, maybe we better ask for a holiday extension, then! I am good for 3 days in a row in a corset. Have to have a break after that! Hahahaha

  6. Oh this is fantastic!!!!! My neighbours better watch out! LOL!

  7. I would be both the unicorn and the pan horned goddess, because I like the innocence of unicorns, and I resonate with the power of the pan horned goddess, full of feminine power. Thank you for these amazing photos and the links for the head gear.
    Teresa in California

    1. Everything is so tempting, isn't it? How fun would it be to change everyday into the persona that calls to you upon that day! Thank you for stopping by and you are so welcome for the links!