Friday, April 24, 2015

Day 24-Final Illusion-NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015

"She Was Her Own Illusion"
Katherine Jeanne Wood

Final Illusion

She wore faces
like other people wore hats.
There was one for every occasion,
for every person in her life.
Weaving her big illusion
began at the tender age of twelve.
Many houses had been called home,
child made friends left,
familial roots torn up.
When the biggest move came,
she decided to re-invent herself.
No one knew her
in this cold new place.
She could become anyone.
It was hard work, at first,
abandoning the girl she was.
But, each change became more fluid.
Realizing that life slid by with less conflict,
she became what each person expected.
Her faces rode in an invisible purse
she kept close by her side.
One never knew who one would run into.
Her illusion was woven with intelligence
and forethought to survival.
It became magic unto itself.
It manifested with such ease and comfort
that she began to lose herself.
Even the mirror was no longer enough
to call her back.


  1. "Her faces rode in an invisible purse" I might be in love with this line. The visual and the implications are so deep and fascinating. Your last line is extremely powerful... The thought of the speaker changing so many times that she reaches the point where she doesn't recognize herself. Then I wonder, is that part of the illusion, too?


    1. Thank you, Magaly! I think we all do this to some degree. How we value peace over conflict even if we loose ourselves? I am very guilty of this.

  2. That was fantastic. I used to tell people I was a Martian(Ray Bradbury style) as I was all things to all people, but I broke free and am just weird old alien me now :D

    1. Congratulations, Gina! I am glad I have gotten to know the you, you are now!

  3. Wow. You've created this amazing back story for the girl in the picture. She creeps me out a little. I'm not sure who she is. ;-p Good write.

    1. It is a creepy thought. Will the real girl reveal herself? I think she has lost that ability. Thanks for commenting, Elena!

  4. I love this Sharon! " even the mirror could not call her back"! Brilliant

    1. Thank you so much, Debi! She is truly lost!

  5. '...Her faces rode in an invisible purse..' that is a stunning line, Sharon. I certainly have felt like this at times in my life, choosing a face to appease whoever I was with--and it is a life-saving skill sometimes, but one that makes it so easy, like your girl, to lose what others can't give you--your real self. Really a thoughtful, well-wrought poem.

    1. I so appreciate your comments! Thank you for getting it!