Saturday, April 25, 2015

Day 25-The Plan-NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015

Stevie Nicks Self Portraits
The Plan

Got a text from a friend,
a timely heads up.
As I read through the words,
I let fall my cup.
"You better get ready.
She's headed your way.
Says that she's missed you,
going to be a long stay."
Breath left my lungs.
My heart jumped to my throat.
"Please, not another visit
from this crazy old goat!"
The last time she came,
I lost my job and my cat!
She brought misery and trouble
with the drop of her hat.
I took some deep breaths,
then remembered my plan.
Time to put it in place.
To the closet, I ran.
Pulled out all the candles,
set them out to be lit.
The music was ready.
Pillows plumped where we'll sit.
Checked the fridge for the limes
and plenty of ice,
crystal glasses and tonic,
plus vodka, real nice.
A knock at the door.
I opened it wide.
Ms. Ludmilla K. Mayhem
pranced on inside.
Dressed head to toe
in bohemian chic,
she twirled through the room,
gave my nose a quick tweak.
"Dear girl, how have you been?
It seems such a while."
I went to fetch her a drink,
put the police on speed dial.
I kept her refreshed,
glass after glass.
Her favorite music was playing.
Fleetwood Mac, what a gas!
She was singing along
when I sprang my great trap.
"Stevie Nicks is in town.
Here's a ticket, a map.
I've scheduled your massage,
a great mani and pedi.
Grab your purse and your things.
Your vacation's all ready!"
The cab beeped in the street.
I gathered her bag,
saw her out through the door.
Said goodbye to the hag.
For the cost of a concert
and a pampered spa stay,
I had averted disaster,
sent Ms. Mayhem away!

Write a poem that lets us glimpse into how you ready yourself before facing known troubles, and what you do to cope once mayhem has done its thing.
The song that saved the day:
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  1. This is fantastic, Sharon. I love how you got rid of mayhem by placating her with the all stuff she likes. Nice. It sounds a bit like a visit from a mother-in-law or an older aunt. Yikes! I can relate. This is kind of how I feel when my mom comes to town. She and my hubby don't get along so I'm always in danger mode. Good write! :-)

  2. Bring out the vodka! Hahahaha! Thanks!

  3. I love that you made her human and full of chicanery!

    1. I think it helps to give trouble a face! Lol

  4. Lady Mayhem, indeed. Wow, this was just so good.

  5. This was such a romp, Sharon. Loved so many lines: "The last time she came/
    I lost my job and my cat!" Having the "police on speed dial", lol!

    But what a great strategy, this is. No furry babies have to suffer, the bills get paid, and the hag is kept happy. ♥

  6. Bwa-ha-ha! I love how you gave mayhem a name and a personality!

    1. Sometimes you just need a face to spit at! Lol Thanks!