Thursday, April 9, 2015

Day 9--An Unfamiliar Goddess--NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015

From "The Goddess Oracle" deck

An Unfamiliar Goddess

Birthed with one true purpose,
to ease pain that sparked fire
into tissue and joint.
Potioning for relief,
calling on old friends,
ancients of oil,
leaf and stem,
root and flower.
The very best of basil,
cinnamon, ginger,
coriander and cypress,
each powerful alone
formidable as a troop.
Percentages and drops, enough but not too much,
blended in a magic circle, 
waiting to be infused by a Goddess.
But, which? How to choose?
A deck of cards
blooming with Deities.
A shuffle...a draw...
an unfamiliar Goddess
looked back at me.
Cold and blue, fingers sprouting
seals, dolphins, whales
from an Artic Sea.
I saw hurt and harm,
betrayal  and despair.
But, so too, was there
resilience and determination.
"Don't be a victim," she whispered.
"Don't get stuck in the why."
"Take your drum, beat it out."
"Swim into your wounds and name them!"
She was strong truths and compassionate release.
I asked for her help.
I felt her presence.
Her power flowed in a cool, blue stream
through my heart and into my hands
landing like a blessing
in the beaker
filled with earthly gifts.
The oil was complete.
I had wanted a name,
a way to define this balm.
A Goddess answered.

Today's prompt was to write a poem about something I created.
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  1. Nice write. Sounds like it would smell good too.

    1. It has a great spicy aroma, very warming. Thank you!

  2. There is some beautiful magic at work here, Very lovely write up.

    1. Thank you, Rommy! Sometimes, it does feel like magic when I work with my oils!

  3. I read this poem three times. For the first one, I barely breathed: I needed to know and know fast and I needed to know everything, so I rushed to the end... and I knew. For the second read, I let my mind linger in your word usage, in the ingredients, and the phrases that make your magical process... and I knew. The third time I read it, I did it aloud... letting the words fill me, touch the places the oil has soothed, thanking beloved Sedna (and you, so many times, you) for the gift. ♥

    1. You fill my heart and my eyes. The oil was born out of my husbands gout pain. From that birth, Touch of the Goddess Healing and Aromatherapy rose. All my therapeutic oils come only when someone has that kind of need. I have tried to make something just because I thought it would sell. That never works. I am set a task, I ask, and a Goddess is always there. I love that part of my work. Thank you for being such a firm and vocal supporter! I am overwhelmed with the way you processed my words! <3