Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Day 29-Scraping Off the Rust-NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015

Scraping Off the Rust

Scraping off the rust
one word at a time.
Flexing writer muscle
with each silly rhyme.

Pouring out my heart
to kindred readers,
prompted all the way
by our fearless leader.

Going to take the time
each and every day
to explore my Soul
in a writerly way!

Thank you, Magaly!
Thank you, Sisters of the Word!
Thank you, lovely Readers!

Today's prompt was to write 3 stanzas what I wish to accomplish with the poems I wrote this month or poetry written in general.


  1. Aw. What a lovely tribute. :-) Nice!

  2. This made me clap and run around room giggling. And because maturity is something optional in this household, my Piano Man joined in... and we ran around giggling, until he finally asked, "Why are we dancing?"

    "Because the rust has been scraped and the words are flowing clean, of course!"

    Thank you for this, Sharon. It started a party in my heart. Also, it put some more weight into something I started thinking about midway through the challenge. Will share soon! ♥

    1. You made me believe again that the words could come. Asking for a commitment, the deadlines, even the prompts were like taking a file to the corrosion of dis-use of my words. At first, they came slow and hard, but the when they did start to come I had to start carrying a pad around like I used to. My tool may not be completely rust free, yet, but it is a lot shinier because of you and the support this group has given. Can hardly wait to hear what your wicked mind is planning next! <3

  3. Strike Fear in the heart of a Fire Breathing Dragon! That leader of yours! Well poetic history is being made! It's not deD, out of vogue or for the faint! Bravo! I applaud You and ALL! xoDebi

  4. You've made the rust into ruby slippers and taken us all along with your words!

    1. Oh, Rommy, what a wonderful thing to say! Than you, thank you so much! <3

  5. And don't you just love that we can make up our own words..."Writerly" is an awesome word, and I shall steal it to use often :D XXX

    1. Yes! It gave spell check fits! Lol
      Thank you for loving it! Feel free to steal! <3

  6. Nothing like these spring calisthenics of the mind to get the writerly muscles back in shape! Have so enjoyed reading your work, which is your story, which becomes part of our lives, enriching, and nourishing. Thanks for your sunny presence throughout this long month, and beyond.

    1. Thank you for your lovely words! I hope we all keep touching bases!